Men’s Sportswear about maintaining the etiquette

Short pants, comfortable shirt? By the beginning, the middle of the last century was unthinkable for many sports. Mainly it was to maintain the etiquette, which is why high-necked shirts and long pants in the men’s sportswear were not uncommon. On the tennis court, for example, you wore exactly this combination. Breathable, comfortable and easy to care for, everything is still foreign words at that time. In football – the sport number one in Germany – long pants and sweaters were also announced. Also, the footwear was interesting, borrowed shoes or boots, of course, suitable for everyday use and for this. Special sport shoes did not exist. In terms of the football, it was so far that first shoes, tailored to the sport, were taken from the Adidas company on the market only in 1925.

Regular sports textiles there has been growing since the late 1960s

To stay with the company Adidas: Here in 1967 the first sports textiles were imported of which ostensibly the men benefited. It was they who for the most part devoted to the sport. The women took the most part still the role of housewife and mother. There was little or no space for sports. But exceptions confirm the rule as always. Of course there were also women who had dedicated to professional sports.

The turning point in sports recorded at the end of the 19th Century and at the beginning of the 20th Century. Now won sports in leisure time a higher priority, which also was reflected in the men’s sportswear. With the increasing preoccupation with sports the demand for functional apparel was awake, which was also facilitated by the continuing development of artificial fibers.

Artificial fibers can develop new textile.

In sports clothing should bring properties such as breathability, thermoregulation and durability. Furthermore, should not miss the fashionable chic. Since the conclusion of the last millennium, the focus of the sports apparel manufacturer is put on as well. Thus began about Puma 1998 a collaboration with the famous designer Jil Sander. The sports and fashion merged. In Adidas was already about ten years earlier the case.

Singers and athletes made ​​the brand popular together. The band Korn came early in her career always in tracksuits from Adidas on, the sports-loving Madonna appeared publicly with the three stripes, to name just two examples. Ladies and gentlemen Sportswear now conquered not only the sports facilities, but also the streets.