Sports fashion

A variety of fibers in the sportswear sets high standards for the care. Never the range of sports clothing was more diverse than today. For every sport, there are now special fabrics which are made ​​of special fibers. Attributes such as breathable ones, easy to care for,thermo-regulating, absorbent, durable, and naturally fashionable play a major role. The individual sports have their priorities on which the clothing is also aligned. For example, a spot increased abrasion at risk, where the fibers are amplified or mixed with other fibers, in order to ensure greater durability. This mixed fabric or general functional textiles but also other claims in terms of their care.

Special fibers require special care

The modern washing machines come with upmarket care claims cope easily. Some are now already equipped with so-called sport or outdoor programs. Who still owns an older model, can of course still wash his sports apparel in the machine. To obtain the specific properties of the material, a tailor detergent is advisable. A challenge cleanliness and hygiene in combination with low temperatures represents the worn during sports clothing is sweaty and often provided with spots, but at the same time tolerate the materials no high temperatures. Detergent for sports or outdoor clothing is tailored to this combination and ensures deep pore purity, while spots disappear.

A water-repellent surface is sensitive

Waterproof surface seams need when washing special attention. Softener is out of place here. He adheres to the fabric and makes it permeable to water. The best is the use of einwaschbarem impregnant, which is already added to some detergents, others turn a separate treatment is required. Even the motion of the drum of the washing machine may impair the functionality of sportswear.

During spinning, caution is still necessary. In principle, a low spin cycle should be chosen, in case of doubt is dispensed entirely to the spin cycle and hanging the laundry on wet. Whether a piece of clothing is suitable for the dryer, takes you to the washing instructions which can be found on each part. Principle is recommended before washing a look at the washing instructions. From it one can see how to wash his gym clothes to last a lifetime.